Basic Make-up Workshop

Make-up for beginners

All tips for all types

You would like to show up with a simple but decent, true to type and discreet make-up? If you love the play with colors and if you are thrilled and inspired about make-up, then this “basics”-workshop will be the perfect introduction to the field of techniques that opens up beyond the knowledge everyone somehow has acquired in daily practice. In this course, we will treat a lot of fundamentals about the use properties and effects of form and color.

In this course we will cover:

  • Which fundamental techniques will lead me to a true to type make-up ?
  • Which foundation & concealer suits me best ?
  • How do I proceed with the application of both foundation & concealer ?
  • Which eye shadow suits my eyes and how do I apply it adequately to the anatomy of my eyes ?
  • Which rouge suits my skin and how do I apply it ?
  • How do I apply eyeliner & kajal ?
  • How do I proceed for my own make-up on myself ?
  • I will guide you through step by step. I will do the make-up of half the face of a model or yourself, and you will do the other half.


I am looking forward to work with you at a Basic Workshop