Professional Make-up and Hairstyling

Sometimes beautiful just isn't enough

We've all been there : Sometimes even though we are content with our looks in general, there are occasions that call for something exceptional.

Whether as for an event or PR, whether as for VIP or a wedding, photoshooting, film or TV production: when and wherever you want to express your faculties of your personality or want to get a perfect make-up look : as a professional Make-up artist and experienced Hairstylist I will prepare you for an unforgettable performance!

Some of my satisfied VIP and celebrity customers include Ross Antony, Hot Banditoz, Voxxclub, Kim Hnizdo, Anja Kling, Anastasia Zampoudis, Kerstin Ott, Lea Linster, Fausti, Heino, Feuerherz, Jule Gölsdorf and Senta Sofia Delliponti.