Fotoshooting Afrika | DJA Cameroun


" Photographing a model in a grand prix dress in the midst of Baka pygmies dressed in rags is a provocation. The price of the dress would be enough to bring, in this end of the end of the world, what to live worthily.
A scandal, then.
For the Baka still live as at the dawn of humanity; hunter-gatherers, semi-nomadic, who lack all that civilisation could bring them. Schools to learn, health clinics, trucks full of essentials for life. What to open to the world.
But those who have chosen to adapt to their natural environment, a forest almost impenetrable, those in whom, as the philosopher says, "there is always sufficiency for the one that has enough with what is enough (il y a toujours suffisance pour qui se suffit de ce qui suffit ),“ have not asked anything. Schools ? To learn what? Dispensaries to live longer, but under what conditions? Essential commodities for whose life?
The Baka welcome the traveler, whoever he is, without thinking badly. Rich with a culture of wisdom and humility.
So we throw on these photos a new look and we wonder: opposite ways of life, and then? Very smart who can say where is the true wealth. Different cultures, one Human Race. "

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